Hi. I’m Janet — a Python programmer with interests in electronics, 3D printing, art, and data analysis. I’m happiest researching, problem-solving, and learning new things.

On this site I’ll be sharing my projects, code samples, and workshop documentation. To get in touch, please send me a message.


I got my start in tech back in the dotcom era working on web content, then taught myself web development and went from there. Most recently, I’ve been using Python, CircuitPython, and C.

Creative Thinking

Besides having a B.Sc degree I’m also an illustrator who graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Creative thinking helps me find solutions for programming problems as well as illustration projects.

Continual Learning

I’m always teaching myself new things. Recently I’ve been playing with Internet of Things (IOT) devices to control lighting, visualize twitter trends, and monitor temperature in my small indoor garden. I also enjoy repairing and hacking roombas (yes, the robot vacuums). Currently I’m learning about python scripting for creative projects.

Knowledge Sharing

I occasionally run workshops on 3D-printing, programming with arduino, surface-mount and through-hole soldering, and other topics at the Vancouver Hack Space.